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Mindset Shift: Six Ways to Change How We Think Long-Term

At WellVisor, we believe that achieving sustainable change begins with the right mindset.

Many people assume that once we hit a certain age, our thinking becomes "hard-wired," leaving little wiggle room for adjustment or nuance. However, at WellVisor, we know it's never too late to evolve our thinking patterns and decision-making routines to achieve better outcomes. 

Changing The Way You Think Proves Pivotal in Interconnected Wellbeing

Shifting our mindset to align with goals and aspirations doesn't happen overnight. Here are six ways to take the journey one step at a time for long-term success. 

Get Intentional With Self-Talk

Our ongoing internal dialogue can have a direct influence on our overall mindset. When engaging in self-talk, really listen to the tone of the conversation. Using many negative statements, such as "I can't" or "I will never succeed," means it's time to upgrade the monologue with empowering words. Saying, "I can do this," is the first step in attaining whatever goal lies ahead. 


Stay Positive When Talking to Others

After practicing positive self-talk, it's time to continue this new pattern when engaging with others. Sharing any positive momentum and successes, even if they may seem small, can help change the way we think about ourselves. 


Reinforce With Actions

Set a goal, and then reinforce positive language with appropriate actions. For example, if we’ve set a goal to be more active, we must carve out just a few minutes every day to get outside and move around to begin claiming the mindset of someone who prioritizes exercise. 


Find Community Support 

One of the best ways to achieve a healthy mindset is to surround ourselves with people who have similar goals and can offer support throughout the process. Connecting with others provides insight into different strategies that may prove effective. Additionally, watching other people succeed strengthens the belief that our goals are attainable. 


Get Consistent 

A change in thinking is never a "one and done" event — it's more of a lather, rinse, repeat practice. We must consistently remind ourselves that the more often we lean into a growth mindset, the more we condition ourselves for sustainable change. 


Embrace Imperfections

Sometimes, trying new ways to think about old habits leads us to believe that we have to do it "perfectly" for it to stick. Not true. Nothing is perfect; embracing missteps and miscalculations as a healthy part of the journey can help us remain agile and make different decisions next time for better results.

Start Your Interconnected Journey to Wellbeing

WellVisor helps people show up for their wellness journey and themselves. Our innovative, digital solution enables users to personalize their interconnected health and wellbeing journey. We also believe that everything is better when done in community, including changing the way we think. 

Our Positive Mental Attitude Walkthrough can reinforce many of the practices needed for a mindset shift. This four-week, interactive program starts with identifying your current mental state, helping users progress at their own pace, and in their own lane, to reinforce newly learned techniques. WellVisor’s step-by-step approach, coupled with our online community, supports a positive mindset and behavioral shifts for long-term, sustainable outcomes. Download the WellVisor digital solution today to get started! 

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