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UME now includes WellVisor's Unified Guidance solution in all stop loss contracts.

"This innovative program is a seamless solution that creates a win-win-win scenario... It will help us improve transparency and provide greater cost savings for our valued partners."

Frequently asked questions

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What if we want more features than core UME?
Every implementation is a collaboration. WellVisor works with each client to create the right mix for their needs.
How do we integrate with WellVisor?
There are many ways to integrate, including data entry, automated data feeds and API. We'll work with your team to find the strategy that works best for you.
Are there different capability options?
Yes! For example, you can use your case management, WellVisor's case management, or use your own nurses and WellVisor's case management tools.
Is WellVisor safe and secure?
We employ strict security, encryption and HIPAA rules and safeguards.
What health and wellness challenges are addressed?
Our unique approach includes the widest range of challenges and conditions - mental health, physical activity, finance, family, relationship, nutrition, and much more!
What are the Transparency options?
We offer a quality provider selection approach to complement transparency or full transparency features.

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